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Webinar: Current Lighting Technologies

Dive deep into current lighting technologies for reach in plant growth chambers and walk in rooms including fluorescent, high pressure sodium, metal halide, ceramic metal halide, LEDs and more. Reg Quiring will discuss current lighting technologies as it applies to plant growth in controlled environment conditions.

Inside a custom LED chamber

Covered Topics Include

  • LEDs
  • Supplementary far-red
  • Technical features and advantages
  • Aspects of energy consumption
  • Impact on in-room climate uniformity
  • Consideration for retrofits
  • Future technology trends


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Reg Quiring, Senior Designer

Presented by Reg Quiring, Sr. Designer, Conviron
Reg is recognized by many as the most experienced controlled environment designer in the world, with many of today’s products being the outcome of his design. Reg is an active participant and contributor to the industry’s largest information exchange seminars. Significant design successes include development of a superior barrier light canopy and downward air flow chamber that is now available as a standard product offering. He is a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) and past President of the Committee on Controlled Environment Technology and Use. Reg has over 33 years of design, management, sales and service experience in growth chambers, electronics and electro mechanical systems.