Product Safety and Certification


Conviron products are tested and certified by CSA and carry the ccsausandmarkings.


Conviron Products: CSA Approved and Certified   

Conviron has always been very diligent with the certification of its products. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification on Conviron’s standard products provides purchasers with the confidence that these products are safe and manufactured with high quality components. It also serves as confirmation to electrical personnel that power can be connected to the equipment, thus removing the risk and expense associated with the inspection of equipment on-site.

CSA is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) certified by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Standards Council of Canada. As such, CSA is authorized to test and certify products for Canadian, U.S. and international markets. The certification mark is recognized around the world as a symbol of safety and integrity.


Why should you insist on safety and quality certification?

Before making a significant investment in controlled environment equipment, researchers need to know that the products they are purchasing are safe and of high quality. While most suppliers claim to produce products of a high quality, customers cannot have confidence in knowing that their equipment truly meets that standard without an independent and objective measurement. For Conviron, CSA provides that product safety certification.  

Understand the Risks

In addition to the safety and reliability risks associated with non-certified products, there are other uncertainties. Licensed electricians will require that before they can connect electrical power to non-certified equipment, the equipment must be inspected by an accredited body. This puts the purchaser at considerable risk, as the results of that inspection may lead to significant delays, additional costs, substantial modifications, or a rejection of the equipment altogether.

When purchasing new equipment, researchers should also insist that the product as a whole be certified, not just individual components. While approved components may be used by manufacturers, those components are certified for specific applications. Far more important are the requirements relating to the design of the product itself and the manner in which the approved components are applied. Components not correctly incorporated into equipment may result in premature failure and present safety hazards. This is particularly important with controlled environment systems, which involve a combination of lighting, refrigeration and often humidity. An overall equipment certification assures that all components and the product as a whole have been reviewed, tested and accepted by an independent body.

Can You Afford Not to Insist on Certification?

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that purchasers of controlled environment systems require that their products carry a recognized safety designation. Although there may be additional costs associated with certification, these are small compared with probable savings in future operating and maintenance expenses, and insignificant in relation to personal safety and the value of a scientist’s work. Our commitment to these standards, in combination with our factory testing, final on-site testing performed by our professional and experienced installation crews, and comprehensive warranty, will give you confidence that Conviron products are safe and reliable.