LED Lighting

Increasingly, scientists and facility managers are integrating LEDs to meet specific research requirements and to reduce the operational cost of their plant growth chambers. Below is a small sampling of some of the clients Conviron worked with to provide the right LED solutions for their specific research and facility requirements.

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Current Lighting Technologies
Watch and listen to this webinar entitled “Current Lighting Technologies”. This webinar addresses current lighting technologies as it applies to plant growth in controlled environment conditions. Topics include:

  • Spectra and spectral shifts
  • LED Lighting
  • Supplementary far-red light
  • Aspects of energy consumption

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Current Lighting Technologies Webinar

Reducing Carbon Footprint at University of Cambridge, UK
Supported by the University's Energy & Carbon Reduction Project, the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge is taking great efforts to reduce the energy used for their plants and algae research. Extensive trials of different LED types have led to the development of competitive alternatives to the standard fluorescent tube technology

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Plants under LED lights in a growth chamber at the University of Cambridge

Investigating Grain Sterility, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Columbia
The mission of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT, by its Spanish acronym) is to reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human nutrition in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture. Photos courtesy of CIAT-FLAR.

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Plants growing under far red LED lights in a growth chamber at CIAT in Colombia

LEDs to Support Germination
The MTPC Vitality chamber is the second of a two part custom solution designed for Nunhems, a global specialist in vegetable genetics. It is designed to support early growth of young plants germinated from experimental seed so as to determine its viability.

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Custom walk-in room for seed germination testing

Generating Diurnal Conditions Using LED Lighting
The Spectral Pheno Climatron in Justin Borevitz's lab at the Australian National University allows changes to light, temperature and humidity settings every minute to simulate the expected climate at regional locations around the world including past, future forecast and climate change conditions.

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Reach-in plant growth research chamber with installed LED lights customized for the Australian National University

Controlled Environment Rooms at the John Innes Centre
The latest addition at the John Innes Centre is an innovative and groundbreaking controlled environment room designed and built by Conviron. Within the room it is possible to control a number of different parameters including temperature, light and humidity.

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Plants growing under LED lights in a custom walk-in room at the John Innes Centre
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