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Acquired by Conviron in 2013, Argus is the North American leader in the design and supply of advanced automated monitoring and control systems for the horticulture industry. Now, new Conviron chambers and rooms can be supplied with an Argus Titan control system, or integrated into an Argus system if it already exists at a site managing greenhouse systems. With Argus, all controlled environments at the site are programmed and monitored the same way as the greenhouse – from a central or remote computer workstation.



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Conviron has always offered control systems that combine simplicity and performance with flexibility and robustness. The success of our control systems can be attributed to several basic principles established at the inception of the CMP product family: They must be simple to use flexible enough to meet your current and future needs , and completely reliable to ensure the on-going integrity of our clients’ work. In keeping with these objectives, Conviron has once again delivered with its next-generation CMP6000 Series control system.

The new CMP6060 offers a compact, integrated design with a new color, touchscreen display mounted on the control panel of the chamber or room. The product is based on our proven PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) platform that consolidates various components into a single integrated unit, thereby reducing the number of parts and simplifying the overall design. The new design is scalable allowing Conviron to expand its capabilities to match the needs of the specific application.

Also part of Conviron's control and monitoring product family is Central Management™, a powerful facility management tool designed to enhance your facility operations.


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